Wedding Guest Books


Guest books are a wedding staple. They’re a way for your guests to leave you a personal message wishing you well on the new phase of your life. Traditionally this is a book, or even a video, but there are more creative ideas than that and here’s a list of the best ones.

I’m a big fan of pictures over books for these sorts of things. Instead of a book that will sit in a drawer never being looked at, you have a unique picture for your wall that you will look at every day.

I adore this idea. It’s decorative, different, and again it’ll be out on display for everyone to admire. Guests write their piece on a wooden heart and drop it into a clear heart-shaped frame.

For a really striking piece of artwork for your walls, then this one comes with added wow factor. No one is going to miss it. I like the frame for a picture of you and your partner. You can change it over time, keeping it up to date with your happy memories in your married life.

For something similar, but not quite as big if wall space is at a premium in your house, this tree is the perfect alternative. Guests write their details on the leaves and the silver details bring extra sparkle.

Anything that is multi-purpose always gets my vote. This tree doubles as a favour giver and message receiver. Your guest picks a miniature horseshoe favour and leaves a message on one of the hearts for you. You take the tree home, a beautiful treasure from your day.

Jigsaws evoke strong imagery for weddings. Your guests are part of your journey from single people to married couple. So, it isn’t a surprise that lots of alternative guest books follow a jigsaw theme.

And because they are jigsaws, they are multi-functional. With the big picture, you can, and probably should, frame it. But these smaller ones are perfect for doing again, possibly with any little ones your marriage produces.

Because your marriage is part of their journey and they can make the connection between your past and their present as they find the names of people they know.

As always, I’ve saved my favourite for last. Guests write their names on the building blocks and then create a tower of memories. I love the idea that you can use it again as a family game or when you have friends round.