Wedding Guest Costs

There was an article in the Guardian recently about the rising costs of weddings. According to surveys done by Bridebook and Brides magazine, the average cost of a wedding is £30,000. That’s practically the deposit for a house. What I found the most thought provoking was something we don’t tend to talk about, the costs for guests.

Here are some elements you might consider so you don’t price your nearest and dearest out of attending your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Parties

We looked at these earlier in the year. There are some amazing places you can go on your pre-wedding party and while you might make the most of your hen party, ask yourself, would it still be the same if your best friend couldn’t go?

A difficult truth is while your wedding is the most important event in your year, and every spare penny is allocated to it, other people have stuff going on too. Someone might have to prioritise buying a new house, or replacing their car, or whatever, over your hen party if it’s too expensive, like going abroad during the summer season.

Before planning any event, ask yourself which is more important, the location or the people going.


This is a tricky one. Who pays for the wedding party’s outfits; the bride and groom or the bridesmaids and groomsmen? I think for every reason why it should be the bride and groom, there’s another reason why it shouldn’t.

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to talk to the men and women you want as your principal support. No one likes an expensive surprise. Dresses and suits with accessories on top of stag dos, hen parties and hotel rooms soon add up. If you’re honest with them about what you’d like them to pay for, they can make an informed decision about whether they can be your bridesmaid or groomsman. An honest conversation can save a friendship whereas a bridesmaid letting you down last minute because costs have spiralled can end them.


Wouldn’t getting married abroad be amazing? You can guarantee the weather. You can also guarantee the expense. While exotic locations might be the dream for you, they can be a nightmare for your guests. It’s more than the cost of a hotel room with some drinks. There are the costs of flights to consider and insurance. Some locations have limited flights available meaning people have to use their holiday because they can’t get a flight back straight after the wedding. And those are just a few things off the top of my head.

If getting married in a particular location is a must for you and your partner, then do it. As I often say, this day is about you and no one else. Just don’t hold it against anyone who is honest enough to admit your abroad wedding is out of their budget.

All this advice aside, it is your day and you have to do what is right for you and your partner, your wallet and your lasting memories. Whatever you do have a great day.