Wedding Insurance

Thanks to Covid-19 hijacking 2020 and postponing weddings for the foreseeable future, wedding insurance has gone from a subject that you may not know about to one that engaged couples should be thinking about.

What is covered?

Most insurers will cover the cost of cancellation or rearrangement if

  • The venue has been damaged by fire or flood, or some other disaster that means it can’t be used
  • Either of the bridal couple or a close relative dies, is ill or is injured and can’t attend
  • A booked and paid for professional supplier doesn’t turn up
  • The wedding clothes are damaged and can’t be used
  • The officiating minister or registrar doesn’t arrive
  • Severe bad weather meaning the wedding party and guests can’t reach the venue

They also cover things that might go wrong on the day like a supplier letting you down and you needing to re-book another one, such as transport and suppliers. Or your photographer not turning up or they lose or damage the film from your big day. Insurance can also cover repairing or replacing any wedding attire that is damaged or lost while you have them.

Some items are also covered for loss or damage, such as your rings, flowers and cake, as well as wedding gifts.

Be aware

When Covid-19 hit, lots of insurance policies had to pay out because of events and holidays cancelled due to the virus. Then, some companies changed their policies so that any taken out after a certain date wouldn’t cover Covid-19. Pay attention to the small print to make sure you’re not making assumptions about what is covered only to have it bite you in the wallet later.

Weddings are expensive and so cost-conscious brides with creative friends might turn to those for help. Unless they are professional caterers, your insurance may not cover if you ask a friend to make your cake and it is damaged in the back of their car to your venue.

Although they all fall under the umbrella of a wedding, stag and hen dos and honeymoons are not covered. You need separate insurance for those.

Check the deadlines for claiming. Some policies might have deadlines on when you must claim by, such as all claims must be made within 48 hours of the wedding.

If you’re not happy with the food or the cake, if the quality doesn’t meet your expectations, this is an issue for you to take up with the supplier.

As with any insurance, there are things that aren’t covered and so, as with all policies, it is worth reading the small print and reading it well. Weddings are expensive affairs and insurance is an extra cost, you don’t want it to be a meaningless one. Price comparison websites will help you find the insurance that will cover you for the things that matter.

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