Wedding Invitations

Weddings are bigger than one day now. In order to spend some quality time with their guests, brides and grooms are arranging extra functions the days before and after their big day for guests who have far to travel.

This means there is a lot of information that the happy couple need to get out to their guests in order for everything to run smoothly. The best way to do this is provide your guests with all the information in one go.

What to Include

Caught in the middle of planning, and getting pulled every way possible by lots of people, you might miss some information so here are things you need to include. These might all seem a little obvious but it is often these sort of details that get overlooked.

  • Who is getting married
  • Times and dates
  • Addresses
  • Menus including any vegetarian and vegan options
  • Local accommodation if needed, as well as a price list
  • Contact details and when to respond by.


I’m a big fan of email. One message sent to lots of people. It’s time saving, environmentally friendly, people have a quick and easy way to respond, and you have all your messages in one place. The only thing to really bear in mind is blind cc-ing email addresses so you don’t end up sharing them without permission.

The same can also be said for WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups with the added bonus of if one person asks a question, everyone will see the answer, saving you the risk of repeating yourself. You may have to use both forums, not everyone has Facebook or WhatsApp, but you should cover most people.

Wedding Passports and Invitations

However, weddings are special and some people like mementos of the occasion which is why physical invitations are still popular.

Wedding Passports are more like booklets that have all the information in one place. You can have different invitations for each of the events your holding.

Unlike emails or social media, invitations and passports are very personal items. They announce the style and theme of your wedding.

The use of laser cutting for some beautiful, delicate designs has risen in popularity over the last few months. These are more like works of art than invitations and will please even the most discerning guest.

Of course, you might have to do a combination of all three, some people are more tech savvy than others and some family members might never speak to you again if they don’t have a proper invite (we all know who those people are.) For that purpose, most wedding stationery artists have recycled paper as an option for the environmentally conscious among us.

Why not come along to our next Wedding Fair on 17th May 2020 to get some ideas for your Wedding Invitations.