Wedding Make-Up Must Haves

When planning your wedding, or attending wedding fairs, you will see adverts for beauticians. But not everyone’s budget can stretch to that, or some of us are happy to do it ourselves. In that case, this blog is a list of essential wedding make-up must haves to keep yourself looking glam and fresh all day.


This is standard kit for most women and can be almost as essential for leaving the house as shoes. Your wedding is not the time to start looking for a new shade or different brand, stick with what you know and what works with your skin.


A must have for keeping your make-up in place. Once you’ve applied your foundation, add this to make sure your cover doesn’t go anywhere.


The last thing you want is show any redness or spots caused by the stress/excitement of your big day, so you need a good concealer that will blend in with your foundation to give you a flawless look.

Blusher and bronzer

These are essential to give you a healthy glow throughout the day. Don’t go too dark with your bronzer, you don’t want to look orange, but a little flush on your face can keep you sparkling long into the evening.


Even if you’re having fake eyelashes, mascara is a must, so your own eyelashes blend in with the fake ones. Pick something waterproof in case of sudden bouts of emotion. Black for impact, brown for subtlety.


Again, go for waterproof eyeliner for some extra definition for your eyes. Black is for a big bold look, brown is for a more romantic look.

Eye shadow

Most brides go for a natural palette for eyeshadow, blending creams and pinks with browns. And you don’t have to buy lots of individual ones. Cosmetic companies will have palettes with shades selected for their compatibility, so you have one set that does everything for you. Again, stick with the brand you’re used to.


With all those toasts, you will need a lipstick for touch ups before all those important moments. The shade is up to you, something pink and glossy for an innocent look or something bright and red for extra drama.

Setting Spray

If you haven’t used setting spray before then now is the perfect time to start. Once your foundation and primer are in place, but before lipstick and mascara, spray some on. This may just save you from needing to reapply anything other than your lipstick.

Mini brushes

This is a final thing but make sure you have a set of brushes and sponges for reapplying. I’d opt for a mini set, so your kit isn’t too bulky. The last thing you want is a make-up bag bigger than your handbag.

This might seem quite a lot, but it’s better to be prepared. Give your make-up bag to your lead bridesmaid and she can store it somewhere safe ready for those midday or pre-photo touch-ups.

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