Wedding Mocktails

A few weeks ago, we looked at summer cocktails, so today we’re looking at mocktails. This is very relevant for me as it’s my sister’s wedding soon and I’m the designated driver again. Here are the ideas I found while searching for some fun drinks to have rather than just Coke Zero.

Alcohol-Free Sangria

For the Sangria lovers, there is a non-alcoholic version. Although I’ve listed fruit here don’t be a slave to the recipe. This is a great recipe to use up whatever’s in your fridge.

4 cups white grape juice

1/4 cup blueberries

3/4 cup blueberries

1 cup orange juice

Juice of 1 lime + 2 limes

2 oranges

2 bananas

2 peaches

Blend the white grape juice with 1/4 cup blueberries (40 g). Pour this liquid mixture in a jar or bowl. Add the orange and the lime juice. Stir until it is well mixed. Place ice in a jar, add the liquid mixture, the chopped fruits (2 oranges, 2 bananas, 2 limes and 2 peaches) and 3/4 cup of blueberries. Let stand in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Raspberry Mint Limeade

You may remember from the Spring Mocktails, I have a thing about raspberry and this combination with the mint and lime is a must-try for me.

2 cups of frozen raspberries

1 ½ cups water

¼ cane sugar

8 mint springs plus extra for garnish

1 cup fresh lime juice

3 cups soda water

Place frozen raspberries in a saucepan. Add water and sugar then bring to a simmer over a medium-high heat then reduce to medium. Simmer, serving occasionally, for 5 minutes until berries are very soft and almost dissolved. Stir in the mint sprigs, then remove pan from heat. Let cool, and discard mint. For a thicker beverage, puree in a blender or using an immersion blender. For a smoother texture, strain and discard solids. Stir in lime juice. Divide juice among 6 glasses then top with soda water and mint sprigs.

Frozen Bahamarita

A jug of this refreshing rainbow drink won’t last long. Even those having cocktails will be unable to stop themselves dipping into this.

11oz peeled and sliced fresh kiwi

11oz peeled and sliced mango

11oz fresh strawberries

4-6 cups of ice

1¼lb granulated sugar

16oz water

4 lemons, 3 for juicing and 1 for garnish

4 limes, 3 for juicing and 1 for garnish

4 oranges, 3 for juicing and 1 for garnish

1 can of lemon and lime soda

If you want, line the glasses with salt then put aside until you’re ready. To make the simple syrup dissolve 1 ¼ lb. sugar in 16 oz. of water in a pan and heat on a medium setting, stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves. Then put it in the fridge. You can make this up to 24 hours in advance. For the margarita mix, squeeze juice from halves of lime, orange, and lemon into a quart container and add remaining half of the simple syrup to the fruit juice. This mix can also last in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Next, blend each of the fruit, ice, and two ounces of simple syrup separately until thick. Store separately in bowls. You can make this 2-3 hours in advance. Blend the margarita mix and some ice in a good blender until thick. Then add 2 tsp of each fruit ice to your chilled Martini glass and then the thick margarita mix. You can now add a splash of Sprite over top. Finally add some fruit wedges on the rim and splash some lemon and lime soda over the top and serve!

Mango Coconut Frozen Margarita

Just looking at this recipe gets my mouth watering. Sweet tropical fruits with a kick of lime is perfect for hot summer days.

1 fresh mango diced and frozen for about 30 mins

½ lemon and lime soda

½ coconut milk

¼ cup fresh lime juice

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp finely shredded coconut

¼ tsp salt, this is for lining the rim with the shredded coconut

2 lime slices for decoration

This one is very simple to make. Put the mango, soda, coconut milk, lime juice and sugar in a blender and whizz until completely smooth. Line the rim of your glass with the shredded coconut and sea salt, fill with the margarita mix and garnish with lime!

Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch

But of all of the ones I’ve found, this is the one that really gets me excited is this one from Natasha’s Kitchen because it has ICE CREAM! I know, amazing right?

2lts lemon and lime soda

2lt club soda

12oz pink lemonade

12oz pineapple juice

6-8 scoops of Raspberry Sherbet ice cream. If you can’t get this one then use whatever you have.

Pre-scoop the ice cream into a baking dish lined with cling flim. Freeze it so it’s still frozen when you add it to the punch. In your serving bowl, combine the pink lemonade and pineapple juice. Then add in the lemon and lime soda and club soda. You can add pineapple and raspberries for garnish, then add the ice cream just before serving. Simple!