Wedding Planning During Lockdown

OK, so 2020 is an interesting year so far. As I’m writing, it’s the third week of the lock-down, and we have no idea when it’s going to lift. This is a stressful situation, particularly if you were due to get married. All your careful planning must go on hold until things get back to normal.

It can be easy to focus on the negatives, which is bad for our mental health, but there are a list of positive ways we can take control of the situation.


Here at Capesthorne Hall, we’re following government guidelines on postponing weddings, and we’re contacting all our couples to discuss the situation. Hopefully, having definite information from us will help you in making sure everything is ready for your new date. Just don’t forget to tell your guests too.

I know this is disappointing, you’ve planned so long for this day and now you must wait a little longer. But that’s all it is, just a delay, not a cancellation. Just like you, we’re looking forward to getting back to normal and celebrating your big day with you.


Everything might have been ready for your original date, but now you have your new one, there are some things you can do. Chances are your wedding will now be in a different season, which means different colouring. You can change some accessories to reflect that. You can even look at the entertainment you’ve planned and see if you can amend it for the warmer weather you could be facing if you’re going from spring to summer.

Or you can go back and look at the little details, things you may have overlooked, or decided not to prioritise. Now you have time to reconsider those and maybe order them.

Which leads me to another positive for you, and for suppliers too. There are deals on with suppliers doing their best to keep their businesses going. You can take advantage of these while also supporting local businesses.


When your date arrives, don’t ignore it. Celebrate anyway. Get your parents and siblings, your bridesmaids and groomsmen on a video conference call and have a drink together.

Same with your hen do or stag do. Having virtual parties are a great idea. They break up the sameness of everyday, giving people something to look forward to, and it keeps the excitement going until we can all get together again.

My family and I are already discussing our Back Together BBQ when the social distancing restrictions are lifted. If the situation starts getting to you, remember your wedding is the equivalent to our BBQ. What a party your wedding will be!