Wedding Thank You Cards

After your wedding day, there is still one more thing you need to do; send Thank You Cards. There are no laws which say you must do this, but your guests will appreciate it and you’ll have a satisfying sense of closure.


No one expects a thank you card the day after your wedding. That’s unrealistic. However, within the first couple of months of your marriage is reasonable time frame for getting them sent.

Depending on your wedding’s size, this could be a daunting task, especially as you should hand write them for that extra special personal touch. Split your guest list between you and your partner so you can share the job.Details

It’s the details that make your card special. We’ve all received standard mailshots, and we usually ignore them. Don’t let your card be that letter.

Use people’s name rather than a bland, impersonal greeting. Also, if someone gave you a specific gift, make sure you mention it when thanking them. Your guests will appreciate the effort you’ve taken.

To make your life easier when writing your cards, make sure you have a list of who has sent you want. There’s nothing worse than getting a card thanking you for something you haven’t gifted.

If you get money, then don’t mention how much you were given, just share your plans for it. People like to know what they have contributed to.

Send A Card To Everyone

Even if your guest didn’t give you a gift, send them a card anyway. Attending a wedding is expensive with travel and hotel costs, and any drinks that may have been bought. Be mindful that everyone has different budgets and thank them for making the journey for your big day regardless.

If someone helped you plan but couldn’t attend the wedding, they should still have a card. They gave up their time to make your day special, so it is the least you can do.


You should put the same amount into your thank you cards as you have for your wedding, so it’s a good idea to order your cards with the rest of your stationery. This way, you have them ready to go when you’re prepared to write them.

We get so few handwritten letters through your post. Making a bit of effort to thank people will really brighten their day and remind them of your amazing day.


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