Wedding Wind Downs

A trend on the rise is the idea of wedding wind downs. Think back to any disco you’ve been to when it gets towards the end of the night and they start playing romantic or slower songs. When I was younger Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi (giving away my age) was the sign the night was ending.

This is the same principal for a wedding wind down. Rather than stopping the night on the big moment when everyone’s on their feet having the time on their lives, you give them subtle little clues that it’s time to start thinking about bed. Here are four ideas to make sure people leave satisfied.

You could go old skool, like above and make sure your DJ changes the music from the floor fillers to the slower songs. Not necessarily Bon Jovi, that won’t work in every situation, but pick some of your favourite slow songs to end the night well. You could perhaps play your first dance song again or have a second “first dance” at the end of the night.

Traditionally, the bride and groom leave before the end of the wedding. You can play with this tradition and turn your leaving into the end. Give each of your guests sparklers and have them line your path from your party to your car or to the South Tower Cottage if you’re staying with us. This is such a celebratory ending and it gets everyone outside and thinking about heading home themselves.

Fireworks aren’t much of a wind down, but they are a recognised way that a night has come to an end. We expect fireworks at the end, not at the start of a party, so for an alternative go out on a real bang.

If you don’t want something as explosive as fireworks, then a quiet walk around the grounds with lanterns before stopping for drinks on the lawn looking over the lake would be an ideal way to finish.

Imagine sitting under the stars with a warm drink on a blanket, with or without a shawl depending on the season, sharing some quiet moments with your friends before you leave. It would be a perfect way to really enjoy the Cheshire countryside at our perfect wedding venue.

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