Winter Flowers

With the colder weather over Christmas, the first white Christmas for a long time, there can be no doubt that winter is upon us. If you are lucky enough to be getting married at this magical time of year, then there are ways you can celebrate the season in your flowers.

Red is the go-to colour for flowers over the winter period. There is something about the colour that evokes a Christmassy feeling. Roses and carnations combine with fir tree fronds, pine cones and red berries for a very seasonal bouquet.

White is also another popular colour for flowers during the winter. Using green foliage and red berries provide contrast and bring depth to the arrangement, and has a comforting deep winter feel.

Another option is to go without flowers at all and just use the foliage. Evergreen is the third colour associated with winter. Using those branches instead of flowers, along with pinecones and red berries, creates a bouquet perfect for any winter queen.

This design combines citrus fruit with fir tree branches to create mini trees on your tables for your guests. They are a bright splash of colour, unique and magical, for darker days.

The lighting is as important as the flowers. These flowers have been sprayed golden, picked up by the candlelight for a warm, romantic atmosphere over your tables. Ideal for smaller, intimate weddings.

And for something truly breathtaking and memorable, this frozen candle frame is perfect for decorating your outside space. Flowers have been frozen in a hollow block with a large pillar candle in the middle. This is a gorgeous idea and one that will continue to bring light as the sun sets and you dance the night away.


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