Your Wedding Gift List

Capesthorne at Christmas is upon us and we’re feeling very festive in the office! With the season of giving gifts and creating memories looming it got us thinking, we ought to offer some advice on how to set up your wedding gift list.

More and more people are living together before getting married so the traditional gift list of pots and pans, crockery, cutlery and coffee makers is much less sought after.

If you’re struggling on how to create your list, here are a few ideas on how you can offer a wedding gift list with real meaning and one that will ensure your guests feel great about contributing to.


Having lined a bottom drawer with home essentials before moving in together, now might be the time for a new sofa or carpet in the lounge?

After all, once married you’ll need plenty of seating for all the new found family members that could possibly grace your door! Plus a new carpet would certainly spruce things up hey?

Group gift lists can help you achieve just that. They are a great way for friends and family to put their money together and purchase items which otherwise would be too expensive to buy individually.

There are plenty of online resources who can help you easily organise this, marking items as individual or group purchases, allowing all guests the opportunity to give an amount suitable to them.


If you really do have everything you need, then a Honeymoon Gift List is the way forward. This allows guests to be part of something very memorable, long after the wedding day and one which will remain in the special couple’s minds forever. You can even arrange for the Honeymoon package to be broken down into items such as flights, accommodation, excursions if you think that guests would prefer a more itemised approach.

The idea is simply for guests to give a contribution towards the cost of the honeymoon. Again there are specific companies who can manage this process for you, creating a log of monies given, and details to allow you to write to each guest, specifically thanking them for their gift.


Costs can soon mount up when planning a wedding and it can be hard to prioritise where best to spend your budget. If you have your heart set on something special, why not ask your guests to help divide the cost? After all, everyone loves a good party celebration and having a top class band for entertainment or a harpist for the ceremony can just make your special day more memorable.

You might feel a little averse in asking guests to help fund your wedding day, however it is your special day and guests will only want to help to make your day as special as possible, just make sure you emphasise that you don’t want presents as well!


This is a truly 21st century option of a wedding gift list, but what better way to set some foundations for married bliss? By giving a contribution towards the down payment on a new marital home, your family and friends will help build some fantastic memories in making another important milestone in your lives.


Have a charity close to your heart? Asking your guests to make a contribution to charity in lieu of wedding gifts is a great way to make you feel even greater on your wedding day. Knowing that you have been able to give meaningful support to your chosen charity is a lovely way for your wedding to have a lasting effect on others in need and to raise awareness of the cause too.


Finally, if you’re really unsure about how to prioritise your needs, wants and desires, there’s the option of a combination gift list. Whereby you can set up a list where guests can contribute towards anything that you list, be it household items, wedding flowers, wedding cars or the honeymoon. Fantastic, everything in one place!

While we’re referencing gifts and the festive season, why not come along to our ‘Christmas at Capesthorne’ event on 24th – 26th November – Christmas at Capesthorne