Bridal Boots

Whenever we talk about bridal footwear, it’s usually shoes and the only variation is the heel height. But there are other choices. Like boots.

There are lots of different styles of bridal boots. They can be delicate and feminine, so they’re perfect as an alternative to shoes.

Like these ankle boots. With an elegant peep toe and flower detail picked out in blue, there’s no denying these are wedding boots.

Boots are for brides doing things a little differently. Patent white ankle boots are stylish and chic, great for the modern look bride.

These lightweight, sparkly shoe boots are covered in sequins for extra glamour on your big day, just right for complementing your overall look.

There are so many things right about these boots. They’re inspired by the romance and nostalgia of the 19th Century in a Southern Belle style.

And I love these boots, also by @oaktreefarms, which are a Western take on Victorian boots. The ribbon laces are so romantic.

The ornate heels of these boots include star detailing, and the mosaic is made using sterling silver and mother of pearl.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these boots? Stopping just under the knee, these full lace bridal boots have satin ribbon ties. They’re romantic and feminine and something extra special for your wedding.

Check out these for statement boots. With boots like these you’d want a shorter wedding dress or one with a slit so everyone can see them.

And for the rebel bride, look no further than these white ‘Crazy in Love’ Doc Martins. The pink lace ties make them feminine, but the style is bold and playful for the bride doing her own thing proving there is a wedding boot for every bride.


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