E.B. Watts

Lady Bromley-Davenport was born E.B. Watts in 1940 into a family of professional artists.

She is American with an international education studying at the Italian Art Academy in Rome. There, she developed the method she still uses, which is to make a line drawing and from there, fill it with colour.

In 1962 she married William Bromley-Davenport of Capesthorne Hall. Many visitors comment on the beautiful interior decor of Capesthorne and are always pleasantly surprised to hear that much of it is the work of the lady of the house, Lady Bromley-Davenport.

She has exhibited throughout her life in different parts of America, from New York to Palm Beach, and in England from London to Manchester.

A selection of Lady Bromley-Davenport’s greeting cards are available to purchase in the Hall on Open Days.