Essential Stately Home Wedding Inspiration

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue why not consider a Stately Home, a Hall or a Castle wedding venue. Here are some ideas to inspire you….


What says elegance of a bygone era better than the classic candelabra. Many stately home wedding venues already have these in stock, but may ask you to provide votive candles instead of the real deal. Stand-alone candelabras are magical, but can also be adorned with flowers or pearls. Used as centre-pieces, the effect of multiple candelabras is glorious.



Foliage can be used as a decorative feature just about anywhere. Why not soften the robust character of your stately home with garlands a plenty. Greenery indoors brings an earthiness but also glamour to the proceedings. Plus the fragrance is utterly divine.


Stately homes generally come ready made with ceiling high windows and draping curtains to match. Why not embellish on what’s already there and add drapes to your alter, aisle and tables. Use the length, depth and breadth of the space available to you and if you want to really splash out, opt for crepe or silk.



Bridal headdresses are a way of fulfilling that dream of wearing a crown without risking ridicule for doing it! Some bridal headwear are inspired by the Greeks or the 1920’s and some are just pure statement. Let’s face it, stately homes are pretty regal. Embrace your inner queen and compliment your mane with an impressive head piece. Have a look at Eliza Vale’s bespoke designs, handmade with beads and Swarovski crystal and Laura Donovan’s unique, handmade hair jewellery.


Flower Urns

Florals in urns are like living oil paintings and oh so elegant. They are also in keeping with the decadence of stately homes, grand and glorious. Place urns at your venue enhance, marking the aisle and smaller urns for your table centrepieces. Photographs featured here courtesy of India Hobson.


Ribbon Bouquets

Inspired by the talents of Sheffield based florist Swallows and Damsons, here are a few examples of how ribbons add that extra special finishing touch to your bouquet and make it one to remember. Ribbons are ethereal, slightly Grecian but can also be super glamorous. They not only compliment flowers but also bridal gowns. These beauties pictured are by Kate Beaumont who hand-makes wedding gowns and also bespokely finishes vintage dresses. Make your ribbons extra long and trailing for stately grandeur.



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