The First Dance Handbook

No doubt you will have seen the hundreds of quirky and wonderful first dances on YouTube and you’re probably thinking ‘how can I follow that?’ Of course, there is nothing wrong with your traditional first dance, but many couples are planning to put their own personal stamp on the dance routine. To make sure you keep in the loop, we’ve put together the First Dance Handbook with 5 ways to make your first dance more memorable and one of a kind!

Choosing the Song

There are endless guides to help couples pick the ‘perfect’ first dance song but, more often than not, they’ll list the same songs again and again – usually your typical romantic ballad or the number one in the charts at that time. Even though many couples pick from these lists to save time and effort, if you feel you and your partner are just choosing a song because you ‘think’ you like it, then maybe you should reassess the options. As it’s your special moment, look for a song that means something to both of you and that reflects your styles as a couple.

A Live Performance of Your Song

A wonderful and beautiful way of showcasing your song is by having it performed live! This is a truly unique way of making your moment special and a great way to introduce the band and get the party started! Luckily, most bands will offer to learn the first dance song as a free service when you book them so it’s a double win!


Surprises are like Marmite; you either love them or you hate them! But surprises can come in many forms, so you can get super creative with it by tailoring a surprise to your personality! Ideas could be, a secret choreographed dance routine, a mariachi band to storm in, a hilarious celebrity lookalike joins you on the dance floor or, if you can’t dance, hire some professional dancers as a shocker!!

Sing, Don’t Dance.

Maybe it’s too expensive to hire a troupe of dancers and you’re really worried about the limelight showing up your lack of ‘moves’, so how about forgetting the dancing altogether and singing a duet! This is a totally fresh way of taking to the dance floor as a married couple, and it will be heartwarming – as well as entertaining if you’re both not the best singers!

Get the Party Started

Most married couples have reflected that the three minutes of your first dance can feel like a lifetime and that it’s a struggle to make it through the first couple of verses before inviting the wedding guests to join you both on the dance floor.  Instead, an awesome way to kick off the night is getting everyone on the dance floor straight away to enjoy your first dance with all your guests! This is also a great way to get everyone straight into the party mood and ready for the band to get the disco started!