Floor Fillers

We’ve all been there, weddings where the only people dancing are the little children because the DJ is playing the same cheesy music you get at every wedding. So, how to make sure your wedding is one non-stop party until the sun comes up?

Interview your DJ

Every venue will recommend a DJ or musician but speak with them before you book them. If they seem unwilling to deviate from their set list, or don’t have anything from the last five years, then they may not be the ones for you.

Ask your guests

Include with your RSVPs a space for your guests to tell you their favourite tunes. Pass them on to your DJ before the wedding so they can build a set around your guests tastes. Watching your grandparents get down to the songs they listened to when they were your age will be a wonderful memory.

Pass on the requests within reason though, your grandma and young nephew may not enjoy the explicit versions of Eminem.


Google the hits of important years in your and your partners life. Look for big tracks at important points in your relationship together and maybe even your years growing up before you met. This trip down memory lane will go down a storm with your guests who will probably remember those songs as well.


My wedding song was Your Song from the Moulin Rouge film. Everyone knew it and sang along while dancing, even down to the key change. People love films, and songs from films are really popular. Have a few of these ready to go and watch everyone sing along.

First Dances

You could ask your friends and family what they had for their first dance and weave them in through the night. How could someone not dance to their first dance? You’ll bring back happy memories of their big day and every time they remember your day they’ll remember their second first dance.

Lead by Example

And if all else fails, get up there. No one, and I mean no one, is going to leave the bride dancing by herself.