Foliage Bridal Crowns

Foliage Bridal Crowns

Wearing a crown of flowers is a bridal tradition we can trace back through history, and they are still extremely popular.

The crown is traditionally a horseshoe or circular shape which symbolises power and eternity.

The flowers and foliage represent love, fertility and celebration.

They can complete many bridal looks as there are many types of flowers and foliage to choose from, so every bride can find something to suit her own unique style.

A greenery or foliage crown is a romantic and dreamy headpiece, just like a flower one but it looks more creative and brings more texture and dimension.

They can have very different looks, from the most delicate and gentle, to those that make a real statement.

The look of the crown depends on the greenery you choose and the amount of foliage you are using – it can be very small,  just a touch of greenery on your head, or very lush and large.

Here are some of our favourites to give you inspiration!Eucalyptus

This classic eucalyptus crown is a timeless accessory that will enhance many bridal looks.Holly

A fantastic dimensional crown with holly, thistles, berries and lots of various leaves is a gorgeous idea for a Christmas wedding.


A gorgeous boho foliage crown with the addition of feathers is a great idea for a boho wedding and will look good in any season.


A foliage crown along with the addition of colourful berries and seeds is another lovely idea for a Christmas wedding.


This delicate crown is made using ferns, with the addition of some tiny white blooms to add interest.

This beautiful foliage crown has been made using variegated ivy and delicate green heather.


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