Keeping Guests Entertained

We researched what the bride and groom found most stressful about their wedding day and the most common response was that they felt the day passed in a blur because they were so focused on keeping all guests entertained. Because of this, we have looked into ways you can avoid this stress by keeping guests entertained so that you enjoy the day as you have always dreamed you would!

Kids Corner

The hardest guests to entertain at any party are the children; they’re so full of energy and can get bored easily when trying to keep still for long periods of time! Therefore, why not set up a ‘Kids Corner’ at your venue! Create a child-only space with TVs/DVD players, games consoles, books and board games. Children at weddings also love dressing up, craft activities/painting, sand trays. If it is not possible to set up a children’s area, then how about creating boxes of simple toys such as bubbles, travel board games, jigsaws, and play dough – hassle free distractions for children without the need for too much adult help.

Another idea to keep little ones entertained is setting up a scavenger hunt! Create a tick sheet of things to listen out for or observe during the wedding – what colour are the bridesmaid’s dresses, what songs were sung, did the best man remember the rings, how many guests were wearing hats?

Family Games

Throughout the wedding, guests can get a little restless waiting to move on to the next part of the day and, of course, you don’t want to be spending your magical time worrying about them. Nowadays, there are hundreds of wedding vendors providing family games specifically to keep these guests happy, including; Giant Jenga, photo booths, themed cocktail bars, portable casinos, Ferris wheels, fireworks and many more!

If your wedding venue doesn’t have the space for some of these larger games, then why not think about hiring a magician, as there are few things that are more entertaining than magic! It’s a skill that will really get the minds of your guests working, eager and determined to figure out the secret behind the trick.

Elderly Area

We all love our grans and granddads, but even though they want to be as involved as possible for your big day, sadly, they may not be quite as hale and energetic as they used to be. Dodgy hips, bad eyesight and poor hearing may play a part in making them feel a bit more fragile than they used to. Set up an area of your venue where the older family members can relax and chat without it being too noisy, or without them having to stand for too long! It might be a room off the main party area or a comfortable hallway. If there’s a roaring log fire nearby in winter so much the better! Or in summer, a cool shaded spot outside would be perfect if the weather is good.