Ladder Displays for Your Wedding

Who’d have thought it, back in the 20th Century, that a pair of rusty old ladders would become such a popular decorative feature at weddings?! Ladders are frequently used by florists to get creative with their floral arrangements but feature in a variety of other ways. Here are our Top 5…

Photo Display

This makes a meaningful entrance display for your wedding reception venue. It’s up to you which photos you choose to display but it might be worth honouring those who have influenced you most. For instance, photos of relatives across the decades. There will be plenty of photos of you two over the years, so seize the opportunity of making this feature about others.

Flower Display

As mentioned, florists love ladders as a decorative piece of apparatus, but you don’t need their permission to get your florals on! Jam jars filled with blooms are an easy winner or try intertwining ivy and foliage around the wood for a quirky and unique effect.

Food & Drink Service

This one requires a little DIY to make it work by taking two ladders and placing planks of wood on each step adjoining them. Once you’ve sorted that part, you are safe to arrange your snacks and drinks along the planks for your guests to help themselves. Voila!

Seating Plan

A popular use for ladders at weddings and we can see why. Simply attach your table plans on strings across each ladder rung and your seating plan is complete.

Decorative Display

Let’s face it, ladders can be used to display pretty much anything. You may want to think practically, in terms of something you want to draw your guest’s attention to, or purely creatively. Either way, don’t overlook this hugely practical and brilliant device.