Magical Inspiration for Your Country Wedding

Lights CollageWhen you think of a country wedding, images of rolling landscape, tweed and hay bales spring to mind. All wonderful things, but how do you make yet another country wedding that little bit different, unique and truly magical? It might be useful, particularly to those looking for the epitome Cheshire country wedding, to consider some alternative spins on country inspiration.

In the countryside counties you have some unique wedding venues on offer – barns, stately homes, castles, you name it. But why not draw your inspiration from the nature surrounding these wedding venues. 

Foliage Foliage Foliage

The contemporary florists best friend, there is so much magic that can be created with the leaves and moss from nature around us. Twigs, sprigs and holly, you name it. Great balls of hanging foliage are trending at Barn wedding venues and wild eucalyptus bouquets are the Bohemian Brides best friend. Look for archways to adorn, aisles to line and every last piece of furniture to crown with the greenery of our beautiful countryside.

images by India Hobson, featuring florals by Swallows and Damsons

images by India Hobson, featuring florals by Swallows and Damsons

Lights Lights Lights

For numerous very good reasons, many wedding venues don’t allow candles or tea lights indoors, however what’s to stop you lighting the pathways outside? You can also get inexpensive and realistic votive lights. Fairy lights, pillar candles and lanterns at dusk, the more you have, the greater the feeling of being surrounded by fairies in a magical land, your own special fairytale wedding venue.

Lights Collage_Fotor

Animal Friends

Such a simple yet perfect theme for a country wedding, doubtless to win over your guests with the “cute” factor. How about buying toy animals and spray painting gold for your favours, or as a cake topper. Your favourite countryside creatures could mark your wedding stationery, making it instantly recognisable amongst the reams of wedding invitations for the season. Plus any young guests will LOVE it (as well as the adults, of course).

Animal Collage_Fotor

Streamers and Bunting and Dream Catchers, Oh My!

Get really imaginative with where you hang ‘stuff’ and also what you hang. Bunting is always a winner, but streamers are cost-effective, super fun to make and create a surprisingly magical effect. Think about outdoors as well as indoors, utilise all that nature and in this instance, more is MORE.

Streamers Collage_Fotor

Trees Trees Trees

Last but not least, what says ‘countryside’ better than the trees? Tree stumps have become a popular feature for displays at weddings, be it for the cake, or propping lights or signage on. If you have a bit of budget to play with, how about ACTUAL tree centre pieces! These make wonderful gifts for members of the wedding party after the day as well. Get really wild and creative with bark and feature its irreplaceable texture and colour in every nook and cranny of your venue (if they’ll allow!).

Tree Collage_Fotor

When it comes to country weddings these days, think well outside of the box. Beyond tweed, beyond hair garlands and way beyond gingham. Don’t be afraid to ream all of your inspiration from nature itself and really embrace the countryside at your fingertips.