Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked Wedding Cakes

The new alternative to the traditional Wedding Cake is the Naked Wedding Cake.

Their light sponges come in a variety of flavours with scrumptious fillings oozing out, decorated with your choice of fresh fruit and flowers.

We have been seeing a lot of these beautiful cakes at Capesthorne Hall weddings recently!

The Naked Wedding Cake



Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

The semi naked cake has a small amount of coverage. It is very similar to the naked cake but with a small amount of buttercream lightly covering the tops and edges of each tier.


Choosing Your Decorations

Fresh flowers and foliage are a popular choice for decorating a naked wedding cake.

You can also choose between macarons, meringues, stencilling, piping and palette knife painting — just to name a few.

Your cake designer can explore the different options with you during your consultation.

This beautiful cake is decorated with pink buttercream to match the macarons, it would be a perfect choice if you are having macaron wedding favours.

Above is a beautiful example of a palette knife painted cake.


How Much Does A Naked Wedding Cake Cost ?

With most wedding cake designers, there’s a starting price for the size and finish on the cake (for example buttercream or sugar paste). Any additional decoration is often an extra charge.

Naked and semi naked wedding cakes tend to be more cost effective.

With a simple design, it is likely to be around 20% less than the same design with a sugar paste finish.

It is worth noting that prices will vary, depending on the decoration. The more decorative elements, the higher the cost.


Cake Alternatives

As an alternative to the traditional tiered cake, you may wish to have individual naked cakes. This way guests can either eat these at the wedding reception or take them home.

Will you break from tradition and go naked!?


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