Reasons to Have a Tipi Wedding

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Who’s not heard or seen the Tipi trend for weddings? Guaranteed to make your photographer giddy with glee, these are very unique wedding venues. If you’re mmm-ing and aah-ing about whether to go down this route, here are a few thoughts that might tip the balance.

  1. You have a complete blank canvas (forgive the pun) on which to get creative and make your wedding your own.
  1. You have a multitude of choices of where to pitch your Tipi venue, many of which are stunningly beautiful surroundings. For example, in the woods, in the grounds of castle wedding venues, in the middle of the rolling countryside, a patch of land in the middle of a city… The possibilities are endless.
  1. Hay bales! Need I say more?
  1. A tipi wedding doesn’t necessarily mean rustic or farm themed though, neither does it have to be ‘rough around edges’. There are countless suppliers who offer pit fires, exquisite table dressing and even luxury toilets. Imagine this – black tie dress code, in a Tipi!
  1. Camping accommodation for your guests. Of course camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean ‘roughing it’. The truly adventurous could pitch up their own tents, but again there are numerous suppliers who offer glamping accommodation, even with actual beds in!

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In a nutshell, Tipis are definitively unusual wedding venues and truly memorable. But lets not be green about the potential challenges involved in planning a Tipi wedding. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind:

  • Cost – Tipis range from approximately £4,000 upwards, but that’s not including the cost of land hire, catering hire, tables and chairs and any decorative embellishments. Choose your suppliers carefully but be realistic about your budget.
  • Comfort – If the weather is typically British (and lets face it more often than not it is) you and your guests are pretty much stuck to being inside your Tipi. Consider elderly and very little guests who may get a little uncomfortable. Perhaps think about cushions and beanbags.
  • Countryside – Fields or patch of land of any kind involve a nice bit of muck. Give your guests a heads up about appropriate footwear in advance.

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