Saving Money for the Big Day

We all know that one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is making sure you stay within your budget, without cutting out on the essential extra bits that make it the wedding of your dreams. We have come up with four effortless and cheap ideas for saving money for the big day that still include all the aspects that make your wedding day magical!

Handmade Wedding Stationery

Instead of spending a considerable amount of your budget on wedding invitations, why not hand make them yourself? This is easily achieved by purchasing some good quality card paper, a selection of ribbons, stick on gems and frills, and handwriting your invitations. By not only saving money, you will have created an invite that perfectly portrays your personal style. If you are stuck for inspiration, there are hundreds of DIY Wedding Invitations on the web!

Homemade Cake

Remember that relative who always made the world’s best cakes?! Or that close friend whose baking you just can’t get enough of? Well, how about asking them to make your wedding cake? Buying a cake is ranked as one of the top three most expensive items purchased for your wedding but this suggestion offers a wonderful way to have a cake with sentiment! You will be saving a huge amount of money and each bite will be deliciously filled with love! Yum!

Photo-shoot on a budget

Another super pricey component to your big day is hiring a photographer and/or a videographer! But no stress! It is possible to still capture your precious wedding memories by only paying a fraction of the price! How about placing disposable cameras on each of your dinner tables so that your guests can capture your special day from their point of view. Another possibility is to set up a video camera in a secluded part of your venue so guests can record a personal message for you! And if you want to keep a professional look to your footage and photos after the big day you can send the material to a photographer/videographer who can edit each shot and put together a stylish slide show of your wedding memories.

Family Decorations

Most people don’t realise that an enormous amount of your budget is spent on personalised decorations for your venue! If you are looking for a nostalgic feel to your wedding, ask family and friends for any photographs they have of you or your beloved, either from childhood or in your adult life, and place these photos around your venue as personal styling! This provides a perfect and free way to create heart-warming decorations and a form of entertainment for your guests!