Selecting Bridal Footwear

Ah the wedding shoe! Yet another tricky consideration that can make or break your comfort on your wedding day. You’d be forgiven as the Bride for thinking it’s not all that important, as shoes are largely hidden beneath a dress. However, the difference it makes to you, knowing you have something special, unique or super comfortable on your feet, can’t be underestimated.

Here are 6 key categories for you to consider when shopping for your Bridal Footwear:

Something Blue

This is oh so popular and we predict will continue to be so. It’s remarkable how a bright blue flash beneath the skirt can really compliment a bridal outfit, as well as completing that time old tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and…SOMETHING BLUE!’.

Something with Peep Toe

Peep toes are among the most comfortable of the heeled variety and are also elegant and chic. Rachel Simpson has a magnificent range for Brides, but that which you will want to wear again and again. Peep toe styles can also come in a strappy sandal, however make sure you break in these in plenty of time before the big day.

Something Unique

Bespoke shoes are also big business and there appears to be no limits to what can be created. Consider having your shoes personalised to your taste, or with something meaningful to you and your partner, or something for pure novelty value.

Something Sparkly

The one time you can completely indulge in sparkly footwear and get away with it is certainly your wedding day. Sparkle with full on glitter, diamante or shiny sheer gold or silver.

Something Relaxed

This is not just the sensible option but a choice of personal style for a Bride as well. You may never be the type who will want to wear stiletto heels adorned with diamonds and that’s absolutely fine. Converse have created a variety of shoes for the Bride, as have Doc Martins, and we think they absolutely rock. You could of course go bare foot and dress up your feet with jewellery!

Something Colourful

Last but not least, why adhere to the given colour scheme of white, cream, gold, silver, blush or even blue, but opt for something with real pop and pizazz. There is nothing stopping you from choosing any colour you like but make sure you give the camera a flash of them at every opportunity.