10 Things a Bridesmaid Wishes They Could Say

  1. “No I am not cool with your ‘LA Chic’ theme. I feel like a lady of the night.”
  1. “I am not going on a diet to fit into a dress that should never be worn by a grown, adult, woman.

Sulking Bridesmaids (2)

  1. “I think the fact that you want us to shuffle round in flat shoes all day so you can the tallest is the height of vanity.”
  1. “Offering to set me up with your fiancé’s single friend from work does not make me feel comforted by my singleness in the slightest.”
  1. “I think you really hate me because no real friend would dress a red-head in lime green.”
  1. “I’m secretly planning to ‘accidentally’ on-purpose stand on your veil so you face-plant whilst walking down the aisle.”
  1. “Of course I can’t afford your hen-do in Paris!”
  1. “I actually really like your mother-in-law to be.”
  1. “Wearing a tiara does NOT make you look like a princess.”
  1. “Five times a bridesmaid and I can safely say I NEVER want to be a Bride.”