The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 3

The Gift List
Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of a wedding gift list as it implies that you are asking for people to spend money on you. These days couples set up ‘Honeymoon Funds’ or ask for contributions towards starting a new home together. But needless to say, anything that mixes money and relationships is never a walk in the park.

If you resonate with this, you may well be surprised with how much your guests may want to give you gifts.

Wooden Spoon

Some might have special gift in mind and prefer not to be given a list to choose from, others might like to hand-make you something, but most people it seems are enthusiastic to give gifts, but require a little help and guidance. That’s where a wedding list comes in handy. If you’re uncomfortable with monetary figures and how much you anticipate people will want to spend on you, ensure you have a wide range of items on your list – from a stir-fry spatula for £5 to bedding for £95! Also bear in mind that there is always one guest who ends up feeling terrible for being the one who bought the wooden spoon, because it’s all they could afford! So perhaps spare a thought for your guests and select items you know they’ll be comfortable to pop in their shopping basket.

If you’re still not wholly comfortable with this tradition, maybe keep reinforcing to your guests how little you expect gifts. After all it is worth remembering how costly it is to actually attend weddings, so don’t be offended if your friends can only stretch to the cost of that wooden spoon after the cost of the hen/stag party, train fare, accommodation, wedding attire and bar tab!