The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 5

The First Look

In case you’re not familiar with this contemporary wedding tradition, the ‘first look’ is the first time partners see each other on their wedding day. This moment has been carefully crafted by some couples and captured on camera. But this ‘first look’ isn’t the only special one. There’s the moment your family see you for the first time, bridesmaids and indeed all of your guests. The expression on people’s faces seeing you ready to embark on your marriage is absolutely priceless.

These are often the moments that are most remembered and most treasured. Even if you choose not to manufacture the moment, giving an opportunity for those closest to you to see you in your carefully chosen attire, preened and prepared to meet your love, on a day different to any other, can be a joy and a gift.

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Photographers do a beautiful job of capturing the pride on father’s faces, brides looking as they’ve grown ten feet taller in response, emotion that gets the better of surly grooms, brides overflowing with excitement, couples gazing in awe at each other…  Treasure and document it if you possibly can.