The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 7

The Bride’s Entrance

Yet another time old tradition that many people fear is that moment when the Bride (or, because we live in a modern world, the Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom, or Bride and Bride) enters the ceremony room. Some might relish the prospect of all eyes being on them; others quake at the thought.

It’s a pretty unusual premise when you really think about it; walking through the middle of a room, adorned in your finest garments, whilst a hundred or so eyes watch you. Is it any wonder why, these days, some couples choose to forgo this tradition?

Melia Melia Photography 2013

Melia Melia Photography 2013

As we live in an ever modernizing world, some people choose to make their entrance with multiple ‘givers awayers’.  Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Brothers, Friends, Children…these people who accompany you on your entrance are representatives of all your hold dear. For a number of completely human and understandable reasons The Entrance is a potentially terrifying moment for a Bride and a Groom. But it’s a momentous one and that fear is made perfect as the one entering lays eyes on the one they are meeting.