Top Four Wedding Themes

We at Capesthorne want you and your partner to have the most magical day of your lives, but we know that it can be difficult to think up wedding themes, decorations and ideas to make your day as awesome as you dreamt it would be! So, to take the pressure off and give yourselves some inspiration, we have researched the top four wedding themes of the year!

The Great Gatsby

The roaring twenties, where anyone who’s anyone was down at the speakeasy partying and boozing off moonshine! This is a great theme for those couples who love the essence of the 1920’s and want to incorporate an ‘Art Deco’ feel into their wedding. Some ideas for flaunting this theme are glitter, feathers and pearl beads or maybe hire in some 1920’s memorabilia, like a gramophone and a typewriter! Also, what other excuse do you need to dress up as the original Flapper, Zelda Fitzgerald!


In this day and age, more and more couples are declaring their stand as feminists and, even better, they are including this viewpoint in their wedding day! If you and your partner are Team Feminist, how about bringing your beliefs into your wedding too? Some easy ways to do this are; both wedding parties wearing engagement rings; ignoring the traditional idea that the bride’s family pays for the wedding; invite men to the wedding shower and (the most common feminist stand at a wedding) joining both surnames together to create a new family name!


This theme is probably the easiest to pull off as all that is needed to achieve this is to have everything covered in sequins – and there can never be too many sequins! Also, as sequins can come in all different colours, the decoration ideas are endless! Show your love for this theme by adorning tables with sequined table covers that drape down to the floor creating a stunning and elegant look. Or how about sequined invitations to prepare your wedding guests for whats coming on the big day! Of course, for this theme, a sequined wedding dress is a must!!


Brides who love the idea of an enchanting wedding with a mythical and charming vibe should seriously consider the unicorn wedding theme. As decoration (or used anywhere really!) why not showcase a inspiring unicorn quote, or use a unicorn garland to hang above the top table or over the doorway as people enter the all-important wedding breakfast – by the end of your wedding you’ll have all of your guests believing! When it comes to your sweet cart, there are plenty of unicorn cupcake decorations to dress mini cakes, or maybe make some unicorn shaped biscuits! As unicorns are back on the rise this year, there are thousands of unicorn themed items, from nail patterns and temporary tattoos, to cuff-links, colouring books and unicorn poop soap wedding favours!!