Top Table or No Top Table

Ah, the top table. A popular choice but by no means your only option. It may not always be appropriate, especially, where parents may have remarried. Like everything in life, choice is key. If you want something a little different then here are a few alternatives for you to consider when deciding whether to have a top table or no top table.

The Top Table

The Drawing Room at Capesthorne Hall

Of course, I can’t ignore the traditional top table. It symbolises the joining of your two families through your marriage. You’re also surrounded by your key support of the day; your parents, chief bridesmaid and best man. After the whirlwind of your wedding, what better way to relax than with your partner, parents, and best friends!

Sweetheart Table

Your wedding day will be busy from the minute you open your eyes until the minute you close them again at the end of the day. The sweetheart table is just for the wedding couple, so they can take a moment together before speeches and dancing. It also the perfect way of avoiding any awkward situations if parents have remarried.

Family Only

If you already have children, you could sit them with family members or good friends they know well. Alternatively, you could have a family top table, and show your children some special attention by sharing this meal with them.

Save a Space

If you’re born to mingle then don’t just have one seat, have one on every table. You can share a course with each of your guests including coffee. This plan comes with the bonus of knowing you spent time with everyone, something easier said than done at a wedding.

No Seating Plan

You might think about having no top table and no seating plan. This idea is great if your wedding breakfast is a buffet as it fits with the fluidity of that dining style. People will socialise as they eat and so will you!


Maybe you’ve only invited your closest friends and family. Rather than having different tables, what about just having one? Nothing says intimate and inclusive more than having all your guests seated with you.

The Queen Anne Room at Capesthorne Hall – with the fire lit on a dull Autumn day.

Those are just a few options but you may have a different idea. Talk us through your ideas and see how we can help you bring your dream dinner to life. At Capesthorne Hall, we have a variety of rooms and tables for you to find the right style, and size, for you.