Topshop Bridal

Brides to be, stop everything you are doing straight away and listen up, because the answer to all your Bridal conundrums is here.

You want a dress that is unique, current, elegant and stylish yet with just a hint of bohemian whimsy? That you will look like a princess in, without feeling like a completely different version of yourself? That you’re comfortable in, but won’t annihilate your budget completely…and ideally that you can wear again – right?

Well favourite high-street fashion brand Topshop have finally gone and done it and launched their own Bridal range. Not JUST Bride’s dresses, but shoes, accessories, lingerie AND a wide range of Bridesmaids dresses!

The collection contains label’s ‘finger on the pulse’ signature stylishness, with trends like the ‘cold shoulder’ look that is so popular right now, Pantone colours and Floral prints, both of which had a strong presence on the AW17 Bridal catwalk and featured by us. There is also that Pre-Raphaelite feel about them, which we also recently wrote about.

The Bride’s collection is wonderfully varied, from a short, chic tea dress to show off your pins, to a pink satin slip dress that looks good enough to eat. There is also a Gatsby inspired number, sequined from neck to toe.

But the real winner has to be the plethora of Bridesmaid dresses in the range. We can literally hear the triumphant yelps of “HALLELUJAH” from women all over the globe as we publish this! Gone are the painstaking hours, days, weeks, MONTHS of perusing department store after department store and negotiating between Bridesmaid who hates pink and Bridesmaid 2 who hates her arms, as there is a dress to suit (and keep happy) pretty much every female.

Again, the Bridesmaids dresses range from dreamy floral patterns in chiffon, to lace and peplum but also some seriously sexy dark navy and black numbers. And they all start at an affordable £85!

Bride’s dresses start at (wait for it) £350… and no we didn’t miss a ‘zero’ off the end there! Shoes start at £79 and don’t forget accessories and lingerie to boot. Sizes are available through to a UK 16.

The official launch date of the range was 13th April 2017, so keep your eyes peeled on your big flagship Topshop stores and rest easy in the knowledge that it’s all uphill from here.