Travelling Wedding Guests

Whether you’re having wedding guests from overseas, or are one yourself, then there are some things you need to consider when booking your stay. This is our handy guide for ensuring the distance you’ve travelled is not a problem.

Length of stay

For most weddings, you’ll end up staying for at least one or two nights. The further you have to travel, or the longer it’s been since you’ve seen everyone, you might want to consider extending the duration. Things like work and school commitments might affect the length of your stay, but if you can stay a couple of days you’ll enjoy yourself moreto the. You could try and turn it into a mini-holiday.

There is a practical side to coming early to the wedding. The further you have to travel, there is jet lag to consider. It also gives you time to handle any disasters, like you going to your intended destination but your baggage doesn’t. Or any delays with planes or trains. Arriving one or two days before gives you the chance to field any unwanted surprises.

Where to Stay

Definitely the easiest of all the things to think about. At Capesthorne Hall, we have an array of luxury accommodation for you to stay in. You can stay overnight before the wedding so you’re refreshed and ready for the big day, plus you can stay afterwards in a historic house with beautiful grounds in the middle of the Cheshire countryside.


Wherever you choose to stay, you will need to consider how you’re getting to the ceremony venue. If the whole wedding is held with us, then this is simple, but if the ceremony is held somewhere else, then you will need transport for the day. You could hire a car, use taxis or ask a friend or family if they can give you lifts.


If you’re the one getting married, then you might want to consider delaying any getaways you have planned, so you can spend time with those who have come far. You can arrange an after-party for your guests, letting them know how much you value the effort they’ve made for you. You could organise an afternoon tea or a barbecue at your house, and it has the added bonus of extending your celebrations.

Why not view our on-site accommodation at our next Wedding Fair on 19th January 2020.