Vegetarian Guests

A little while ago I was at an event with a friend who’s vegetarian. When the food was brought out, us meat eaters were served first, and my friend was left waiting. All the meat eaters on the other tables were served, and my friend was still waiting. In the end, we had to grab someone’s attention and when her food arrived, it was cold and nothing like the formal roast dinner I had.

She said this was normal, that at some parties she’s been given salad as a main meal. Salad is not a main meal. So, in honour of my long-suffering friend, here are some things to consider so you can guarantee your vegetarian, or vegan, guests feel as honoured as everyone else.

The first seems pretty simple; make sure there is a vegetarian option. When sitting with your caterer ask them what options they have.

I’m a big lover of cooking programmes so it is with borrowed confidence that I can say they can do amazing things for vegetarians and you don’t have to settle for a salad, or spinach and ricotta cannelloni or mushroom risotto. There is no reason your vegetarian friends can’t have exactly the same things as everyone else, just change the meat for a suitable substitute.

An important thing to remember is that a true vegetarian will not eat fish. You cannot have a vegetarian option that is salmon.

The other thing to do is again simple, but apparently it doesn’t always happen. Give your guests the chance to tell you what they want. It’s no good having vegetarian options if your guests can’t tell you they want it until the day. Put the food options on your invites so your guests can let you know what they want when they RSVP.

When you are looking at your menu, don’t forget about the other foods on offer during the day. Starters, desserts, canapes, vegetarian and vegan options should be available at all stages of your wedding, so they don’t have to go hungry or compromise their way of life.

This is the same with drinks. Check that there are milk substitutes available if people want tea or coffee.

The final thing to consider, something to really make your vegetarian and vegan friends feel valued, is to have them served first. My friend had to sit there hungry, watching other people eat (I didn’t, my mum raised me to wait until everyone had their food before starting). It was torture for her and me. Have them served first, while their food is still hot and make everyone else wait.

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