To Veil or Not to Veil

The infamous Bridal and Fashion Designer Vera Wang said “The wedding veil is at once sacred and seductive” and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The two descriptions seem to be in contradiction with one another, however given the historical and religious relevance of the wedding veil it actually makes perfect sense.


The use of a veil by a Bride can be traced back to biblical times, when Brides kept their faces covered until completion of the marriage ceremony. Only at this point was the Groom allowed to lift the veil, symbolizing his ‘right’ to enter into an intimate relationship with his new wife. These days most couples have already had an intimate relationship prior to marriage, so one could argue that this significance of the veil is null and void.

In modern society the veil demonstrates the bride is important and unique on this day and gives her an elevated status amongst other women. The veil also acts as a literal shield from prying eyes, so that the Groom alone has the joy of uncovering his Bride for himself. One might say this is where the ‘seductive’ part comes in.

Finally, the veil has become quite simply a HUGE bridal fashion trend and appears in all shapes, sizes, lengths and forms. The choices are virtually endless. If you’re not a fan of the symbolic stuff or don’t like the idea of being unwrapped like a present, perhaps you can be enticed by the right veil to compliment your overall Bridal style.

For starters you have the length. Here is a list of the traditional average wedding veil lengths, from shortest to longest.

Shoulder – 45 inches
Waist – 54 inches
Hip – 72 inches
Knee – 82 inches
Floor – 98 inches
Chapel – 108 inches
Church – 126 inches
Cathedral – 144 inches
Royal – 180 inches


Then you can consider styles and design. There is the Juliet Cap (named after Shakespeare’s heroine, who in original drawings was pictured wearing a cap that fit neatly to the top of her head), lace, net, silk, diamantes, can be attached to tiaras, headpieces, garlands and crowns! Why not try a wide variety of veils to see if you find one that makes you feel the sacredness and seductiveness of being a Bride.