Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Winter Honeymoon Destinations

There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding at Christmas, if you are planning a December wedding.

How amazing to have a honeymoon just around the corner to whisk you away from the cold UK weather!

Here are some of the best winter honeymoon destinations…


Mauritius is ideal for a honeymoon where you want the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. It has beautiful beaches, but if you start to get a little restless you can make a trip Mauritius’ lush interior where you can go hiking, mountain biking, and discover its wild jungle and waterfalls.



A December honeymoon in Thailand will leave you in awe as you travel around the country. Beyond the mainland, there are plenty of tropical islands on which to unwind, too!

Both northern Thailand and the islands which lie in the Andaman Sea enjoy warm and dry weather in December.



Home to what are often called the world’s best beaches, the Maldives is a romantic holiday of a lifetime. That makes it perfect for a honeymoon in December, where you can escape and relax on beautiful white sands.

In December you will have perfect weather – a very low chance of rain, low humidity and warm sunny days.


St. Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts & Nevis are a perfect honeymoon destination to enjoy the untouched Caribbean landscape.

They are a pair of islands that have so far been left uncharted on the tourist map and as a result, their lush interiors largely remain as nature intended.

The dry and warm weather in December makes it ideal for exploring the islands wild interior.

Saint Lucia

From the iconic Piton mountains to the lush rainforest, there are lots of adventures to be had on Saint Lucia.

December is the beginning of Saint Lucia’s drier season, so you can expect warm and sunny weather.  It’s also the beginning of the main season, so it won’t be at all crowded at this time of year.



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